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I know a few people have been requesting this and the odd one or two have been made as specials, so I thought I would bump him up the list of items to get uploaded for sale. Here he is, the Toothless zipped hoodie!

He still has the scales on the arms and is pretty much exactly the same as the pull over hooded version I have, just that the design splits down the middle for those of you who prefer zipped hoodies.
I'll have this up in Men's and Kid's sizes, and once I manage to print and photo one for myself I'll get a women's fit one up too.

I will also be introducing the design as a toothless T-shirt, I just need to find the one that I made last year, it's somehow become lost in all my stock boxes T_T

And for the girls that also like the long length style hoodie I do, I'll get him printed on that too very shortly.

Anyway, the shop is currently closed for maintenance so although the toothless zipped hoodie has been added he wont actually be available until about a week or two from now. However if you want to get in a pre order he is available for sale on my ebay shop. :)

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