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So with the end of April drawing in I recently realised I've sort of neglected something very important. It dawned on me after raiding my own wardrobe. I've not done any where near enough women's geek tshirts lately!

Sad but true, after having introduced the girly geek slouch sweatshirts it seems that's all I've been wearing, and now that the weather is warming up I've found I'm seriously lacking in short sleeve tshirts that have any of the designs I've introduced in the past few months. So Aprils update is all about the Women's geek tshirts, I've tried to mix it up a bit between both old and new designs. I decided to put in a mixture because looking back over the past 5 years, I'm still missing a women's version of some of my old designs too. So here's April's zenohtee update for geek and gamer t shirts.

Black Butler women's Tshirt

For the anime fans out there I decided to include a recent design that has proven to be quite popular in the men's tshirts and anime hoodies section. Black Butler is a bit of a love/hate anime for me, having watched it with English dubs the voices grated on me a little, and the second series was a bit weird, but regardless I still enjoyed it. So for my love of Black Butler I've added a women's Black Butler tshirt which features the detailed version of Sebastian and Ciel's contract seal.

Sword Art Online Women's T-shirt

Another addition for the anime tshirts section, my love for sword at online (before the first series got weird and rushed the characters into end game) resulted in creating the immortal object tshirt. Considering Yui was female I'm surprised at myself for not creating a women's version when I made the men's sword art online tshirt. So this update includes a sword art online immortal object women's tshirt.

Women's Charizard Pokemon Tshirt

Perhaps I missed a trick on this one, I've had my Charizard pokemon tshirt since i was selling on etsy, but I never did get round to creating the Women's version until now. Pokemon Go seems to have really died down since its release (please note, died down and NOT dead. I know some people still playing it are a bit touchy on the subject and start pasting the apps usage and purchase figures if someone even begins to suggest it) but when Pokemon Go was in full swing, pokemon tshirts became popular and looking back I should have really had this women's pokemon tshirt available. But hey ho, with summer well on the way perhaps Niantic will be able to relive the glory that was once a remarkable game, and maybe I too will see some love for pokemon tshirts again. Especially women's pokemon tshirts.

Kingdom Hearts Womens Tshirt

We recently played through kingdom hearts, and I really need to pick up the rest of the games in the series now that kingdom hearts 3 is on the way. A month or two ago I added a kingdom hearts tshirt and a kingdom hearts hoodie to the collection in the gamer tshirts sections, since I'll be making a kingdom hearts women's tshirt for myself I thought it best to add a women's kingdom hearts tshirt to the range. You can find it in the women's gamer tshirts section.

Women's Lord of the Rings Land Rover T-shirt

Another very old design for me that dates back to my Etsy days. Lord of the rings tshirts are still popular and since I have lord of the rings hoodies and Lord of the rings men's tshirts, it's only fair that I add in a lord of the rings women's tshirt. I mean I already have my lotr one ring women's tshirt, but that is pretty much it for Lord of the rings women's tshirts in my small collection. For the land rover lovers, and of course those of us that just like funny tshirts, this tshirt can be found in the Women's TV & film tshirts section.

Ghost in the Shell Laughing Man Women's T-shirt

This ghost in the shell tshirt is sort of a mix of both old and new, with my original laughing man tshirt being part of my old Etsy range, and having added it to the anime hoodies section last month, I decided to make a laughing man women's tshirt for myself since I love ghost in the shells stand alone complex. You can find yours in the women's anime tshirts section.

One Piece Women's Tshirt

I'm slowly, SLOWLY getting through one piece. And don't get me wrong, I do love it. But knowing just how many episodes there are makes it hard to really binge watch, I have so much I want to watch, but it feels like I need to set aside a year to get through one piece. The men's anime tshirts section saw a one piece tshirt recently so I've added a one piece women's tshirt too. There will also be a one piece slouch sweatshirt added in from girly geek in the near future too, so keep checking back. But for now the one piece women's tshirt has been added to the women's anime tshirts section.!/Psycho-pass-inspired-logo-and-dominator-weapon-manga-&-anime-mens-T-shirt/p/83554363

Psycho Pass Women's Tshirt

Another recent addition that I must admit, I'm only really adding this women's psycho pass tshirt because I made a mistake. The first of the men's psycho pass tshirts that sold after it was recently added to the anime tshirts section, I actually made a mistake on and made too small. To make matters worse I also made a mistake on the next one and made it too big! So I now have a spare 5xl size psycho pass men's tshirt to sell. If you are interested at all just ask. The Women's psycho pass tshirt can be found in the anime tshirts section.

Gravity Falls Pterodactyl bros Women's Tshirt

I'm still loving Gravity Falls, and I wish they would make more episodes but perhaps you can have too much of a good thing. The Pterodactyl bros. Tshirt as made by Soos has done really well, and of course has sometimes sold in twos, so to compliment my bill cipher slouch sweatshirt from the girly geek range I've made a women's Pterodactyl bros. Tshirt for myself.

That's it for April's zenohtee update but I plan to have much more on the way for geek and gamer tshirts, so keep checking back.

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