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It's a pretty good question really. What is so special about Zenohtee products? With so many other printers and clothing retailers out there, why should you consider Zenohtee? It all comes down to one simple point really.

Better for the Earth. - I mean it, not just better for the environment but for people too.

A personal goal for me is to try and be as earth friendly as possible. And in reality it's hard, there is no perfect answer for our modern day lives. Not currently anyway, but I try to do my bit wherever I can. So what makes this geek and gamer clothing so good exactly?

All my suppliers practice sustainable manufacturing, and are constantly aiming to reduce their environmental impact on the earth. They do not manufacture in sweatshop style environments, and because of the nature of their distribution it means that clothing can be printed as individual designs.

This means that there is no stock sat on shelves waiting to be sold and eventually being thrown away when no one wants it. Every piece is in its own way unique, so not only can you enjoy the comfort and quality of your geeky T-shirt or gamer hoodie, but you can also find joy in its origins and the knowledge that each one is hand crafted by someone who is also passionate about the design you chose.

If you would like to delve further, you can find some links below to my suppliers. Again I've chosen these companies because their products are the best in the industry both in terms of quality and their ethics. Their items make up about 80% of my wardrobe, and I wouldn't wear them if I wasn't both physically and mentally comfortable in them.

Sef Textile - These guys provide the printing materials

Anvil & Gildan - Supply most of the T-shirt and a few hoodies

Just hoods - Provide the majority of hoodies

Bella - Provide Sweatshirts and the more styled feminine clothing items

To top it off please don't forget that the designs are chosen and made because they are things that I love, or that my friends love. We're geeks because we are passionate about these things, from video games to anime, and sci-fi to fantasy. These fandoms keep us going through this tough little life, so I'm glad I can share my love of these things with you. If you have any queries on the suppliers or my set up, just ask :)

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