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I recently added in another Rick and Morty T-shirt design into the collection, just because we really do love that show so much.

I have a lot of appreciation for shows that really make me laugh out loud (to the point where i question how ridiculous my laugh might actually be) and the added bonus with Rick and Morty is that it is so good, I got to watch it in one hit.

What do I mean when I say one hit? Well my boyfriend can be a little fussy when it comes to commitment to TV shows. We can start a series, and half way through he will just stop watching. He'll pick up something else instead, only to also then leave that half finished. So for example I'm still waiting to watch Better call Saul because he still hasn't finished watching all of Breaking Bad. And I'm honestly doubtful he will finish it this year. Perhaps he can’t relate to the characters, perhaps it’s just not his genre. Maybe it’s that little things that bug him about tv programs and films are for him a bit too noticeable to ignore, who knows.

But lucky for me, we binged on Rick and Morty. From the first episode right on through to the end of the second series. We got to watch the whole thing, and we’ve even skipped back to favourite episodes, and checked out clips on youtube, it’s just that damn good!

So anyway on that note, the other half keeps asking for a Rick and Morty T-shirt. I still haven’t treated him to one yet, but occasionally when he mentions these things I do get an idea, give in and put something together.

It’s still not quite the Rick and Morty T-shirt he wants, he wants one with one of the giant heads that boom “SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!” At some point I will get round to it, but to be honest I usually end up making the designs that I prefer, I mean it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t treat myself to my own work now would it?

Don’t know what the giant heads are? Don’t know who Rick and Morty are? Confused when I say “Get Schwifty!” ? If you like weird sci-fi comedies you will love Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. The 3rd series is hoping to reach our screens toward the end of this year so go get yourself caught up already! It’s totally worth it.

Anyway here it is, currently available in 3 colours, Men’s: Wanted Poster Rick and Morty T-shirt.


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