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Apologies for the delay! The time has really gotten away from me lately, and to make my time spread even thinner we are currently fostering Kittens! At least my free time is being spent on cuteness.

But yes updates and new products have been delayed. My time has to be focused on getting orders out on time and replying to customer messages, and so the free time that would usually be spent on creating and uploading new items as well as creating the blog post to announce them is currently quite rare, and I expect it to get much rarer with the holidays coming up.

So, lets get this done shall we?

About a year ago now I added a small collection of clothes to the range under the girly geek brand. Now it wasn't truly set apart as girly geek the brand, there was only a small amount added in. It was basically an alternative for the girls so that we weren't just stuck in short sleeve round neck tshirts. Girly geek started out on Etsy, but was sadly another brand that fell victim to competitors just like zen-oh-tee did. I know there are more than a small handful of us who've felt the wrath of competitors who are not quite feeling the success that we are, it's not pleasant.

In addition to the Girly Geek items that are slowly being added in, I'm now introducing some more geek orientated stuff for the guys, the sort of things that's aimed at table top gamers, pc and console gamers, and of course just general fandom stuff as always.

The main designs that have been introduced this month are....

The Witcher men's t-shirt

This design was created to be a bit closer to the wolf medallion that Geralt wears, we picked up the Witcher 3 Wild hunt earlier in the year and just like many others we loved it. One of the best role play games available and also one of the prettiest too. This design is printed in a metallic silver with metallic red eyes.

Zerg men's t-shirt

We're fan's of Starcraft in this house, personally years back I prefered Starcraft over Warcraft purely because I was more of a scifi girl than a fantasy girl, and of course I loved Tyranids from Warhammer 40k, so naturally I loved the Zerg race. I must admit I never got around to playing Starcraft 2, but that's something I'll have to fix especially now that the remastered Starcraft is on its way. For the guys who love to Zerg rush, this Zerg T-shirt is for you.

Rick and Morty giant head men's t-shirt

Season 3 is in full swing! And I'm enjoying every episode. So far Rick and Morty has not disappointed us, and every Monday we are sitting down to catch the latest episode. For the Rick and Morty fans the "SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT" giant head T-shirt is available in men's from the Baron Fizgig range

MTG: Magic the Gathering men's tshirt

Possibly the biggest trading card game out there, but I've only played Magic the Gathering a few times. My deck is currently somewhere on a shelf gathering dust, I really wish I had more money to throw at it, especially now that we have a new local gaming shop opened in town with regular tournaments. This design from Baron Fizgig features the colours of magic printed as the Olympic rings.

Anyway enough of the Baron Fizgig stuff, I'll add more in at a later date depending on how the rush leading up to Christmas goes (I dread to think it could start this early while we still have amazing weather, but stranger things have happened)

Kingdom Hearts heartless womens top

Added to the Girly Geek range this was something introduced to be a little lighter and feminine. I basically made this for myself because I was far too hot in summer ha! But with news of the New Kingdom Hearts game on the way I thought the heartless design would make a great girly geek flowy top

Legend of Zelda Majora's mask men's tshirt

Another for the legend of Zelda fans this month, this time for those of you who played Majora's mask. This T-shirt is pretty simple and subtle, Majora's mask printed in grey onto a black T-shirt.

Harry Potter marauders map women's slouch jumper

Another addition from the Girly Geek range, this time for the Harry Potter fans. I solemnly sweat that I am up to no good printed onto one of the Girly Geek slouch sweatshirts.

Game of thrones Targaryen womens Tshirt

This years season of Game of Thrones is drawing to a close, and those dragons look pretty damn good. The Targaryen design is now available as a women's short sleeve T-shirt. You can find the Targaryen hoodie here and the Targaryen Men's T-shirt here.

Tolkein women's slouch sweatshirt

Lastly another from the Girly Geek range. This time Tolkein's logo printed in gold onto one of the Girly Geek slouch style sweatshirts. We'll be having a lord of the rings extended edition marathon soon, hence why I thought it would be nice to introduce this design from Girly Geeks collection.

That's it for this update, I'll have to see if I can manage anything new in the next month or two as Christmas could start sooner for me than expected, there is always a lot to do in preparation for the holiday rush, but fingers crossed I can get on top of it this year and ensure all your orders go out on time. Keep checking back for updates regarding the Christmas period though as I already have the last post dates from Royal Mail, I'll get these posted up soon. :)

Anyway, sorry for the late update, here's some kittens!

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