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Well it had to be done. Pokemon Go wasn't even available in the UK, but as soon as I saw someone post about it being released in the US, I had to have it. And of course in less than 24 hours my boyfriend has declared himself as my rival. I took Charmander, he took Squirtle, we've joked about using a bicycle indoors, it was a great day.

If you haven't already downloaded Pokemon Go to your smart phone, I suggest you get on it as soon as you can, as everyone is already taking over the local Gyms and out leveling you! Haha, seriously I can spend all day on this and there are still players that are miles ahead. It's unreal. But yes for anyone who lives in a country where Pokemon Go has not yet been released, just do a google search for the apk file, you will soon be out catching them all! But of course have patience, the servers have issues from time to time, Niantic are still working out the bugs. (I think the English players who snuck on before the official release may have caused a few!)

I must say I'm having great fun with it though, it is a fantastic fitness app. I've never wanted to walk everywhere so badly! But of course it's early days for the game yet, there is so much that could be done with it and its nice to see how it's bringing people together. But don't forget guys, everyone needs to play safe. Be aware of your surroundings and don't be chasing Pokemon down dark alleys in the middle of the night, there has already been reports of muggings involving Pokemon Go. Play smart and play safe, more importantly don't let it rule your life. Resist playing in work/school or you could end up in major trouble.

So the release of Pokemon Go has inspired me to pull up a few of my Pokemon T shirts and add them to the gamer hoodie section! I don't know about where you are but here in our part of the UK the summer has been especially rainy, so my hoodies haven't really been packed away. Just sort of been included in the "summer" wardrobe. Such sad times, I really am a summer loving geek so all this rain is very disappointing.

No matter though! An old favourite is the Charizard T shirt! One of the original first generation of Pokemon, this big guy was so popular but at such a great cost. Starting pokemon Red/Blue with Charmander meant you were basically playing Pokemon in hard mode!

So from the Charizard T shirt I have decided to add into the pokemon clothing range, a Charizard hoodie.

Now maybe you were like me all those years ago, and when Pokemon yellow was released, you had to have it. Even though it was just a copy of Red and Blue, you needed to have Pikachu as your starter Pokemon right? I know! But I totally evolved mine into a Raichu. So in honour of that cute little Pokemon mascot, I give you the Pikachu hoodie.

From starters to legendary's, I can't begin to tell you how much I love Mew. The amount of times I cheated the game so that I could have Mew, even as my starter Pokemon! Pink, cute, catlike, floaty and OP as hell! I think I might actually be the person who goes out of their way to some event across the other side of the country to be able to catch a Mew. Mew was actually one of my first T shirts for Etsy when I was still up and running a shop on there. I never actually brought the Mew T shirt into either the Ebay shop or my web store, so I thought in honour of Pokemon Go's release, I would bring back the Mew T shirt.

As a little something new for myself, I also decided to create an Ancient Mew T shirt. Ancient Mew is something I remember from the very first Pokemon Movie. The one and only Pokemon movie I ever saw. But back them when it was released to the big screen, if you bought a cinema ticket to see it you got given a promotional Pokemon card, one of which was Ancient Mew, and I happened to get one. Sadly though I sold it off on ebay a long time ago, but I still loved the artwork for it. So on a special heather purple T shirt, printed in gold print, an Ancient Mew t shirt.

Back to Pokemon Go itself though, I thought I would try and get in early on those who are really appreciating their roles as Gym leaders. If you really want the world to know that the only reason you are outside today is to catch Pokemon, (or hatch that Poke Egg of course) then why not go for a Pokemon Team T shirt? Currently available in men's T shirt (with womens t shirts soon to follow) I have the Pokemon Go Team Valor T shirt, Pokemon Go Team Mystic T shirt, and Pokemon Go Team Instinct T shirt.

I'll hopefully have the Pokemon Go Team T shirts available in women's sizes this weekend. But do check back on the Anime hoodie section too as I'll be adding these in as Pokemon Go Team hoodies as soon as I can.

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