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This weeks reintroduction is a personal favourite of mine, but I must admit one that I have never actually printed for myself, something which I may have to change with a treat. (its always nice having new clothes!)

This particular design came to mind after having seen it a few times when going through my available prints, and with some recent discussion about the Harry Potters studio tour, I thought it was time to get my Potter designs back into my collection. However I thought I would start off with a crossover design, one that really made me laugh. What better way to ward off Dementors than with an awesome Patronus charm in the form of Batman! So this new addition is of course a Harry Potter batman T-shirt

This has been added into the Ebay shop and also here on the site in just the Men's T-shirt for now while I see how it does. I know it had a few sales in its short time on Etsy but that's not to say its going to have the same popularity elsewhere. So depending on its success I may bring out the hoodie and girls version soon.

Next up though is the Harry Potter themed designs that I posted about last year, I'll get them all back up so that they are once again available for purchase so check back soon. :)

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