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This manga/anime is amazing. go watch it. I don't care if you don't like reading subtitles.

Saitama is the hero we all need. So powerful, he can end a fight with one punch. But that is the start of his frustrations as a hero. If you too roll your eyes at your usual lengthy character back story you get with every anime character, you will love One Punch Man.

Its been a long time since I had a series I had to watch week by week, and felt so much frustration in having to wait for the next episode. This has been one of the best anime's I've found so far. So of course I had to make something for it. Fan's will (hopefully) recognise the clenched fist and text from the anime's opening sequence.

One Punch Man hoodie. Available in black and Yellow (if you think you can pull it off like Saitama himself) The One Punch hoodie has been added to the Anime hoodies section of the site, and shall hopefully make it's way into the Anime T-shirts section soon :)

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