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What a glorious start to the new year boys and girls, I hope you all had a happy 2017 and are enjoying a good start to the year ahead. Although it seems the internet is churning out some weird news as we make our way into 2018, I really don't know what to make of it.

On that note, not naming any names but I was inspired to make this t-shirt as as one particular youtuber came into the spot light. Hopefully a few of you can also appreciate this statement.

Stop making Stupid people famous women's T-shirt Stop making stupid people famous men's T-shirt

It seems that Dragonball Super is coming to an end in March, at least for now anyway. Dragon ball has been my fandom since I was 13, and don't get me wrong I know it's not the best anime out there, but it will always have a special place in my heart. With that I've added a new zipped hoodie to the range featuring Goku's crest that is frequently seen on his gi in the later episodes of the Dragonball franchise.

Dragon Ball Goku Men's hoodie Dragon ball Goku Women's hoodie

I haven't made too many new years resolutions this year, but one I have made is to finish the Catherine game. The Catherine Rave T-shirt has proven to be quite popular and so I thought I would add another to the range for the fans of the game.

Catherine video game T-shirt

Speaking of video games, Hellblade was a welcome addition to our video game library last year, and like many I am thoroughly impressed with Ninja Theory's work. It's another game that I still haven't finished, mainly because I'm quite bad at console games. I have this horrible feeling my lack of skill with a ps4 controller will end the game quite early for me. To show my love for Senua and Hellblade I've added two Hellblade T-shirts to the range. One featuring the rune circle and the triskelion from it's well known logo, and one as just the triskelion.

Hellblade Triskelion T-shirt Hellblade Triskelion and rune circle T-shirt

This death note design was a request for Christmas from a friend and so it's been added to the range, it seemed only fitting since I finally finished watching the anime on Netflix in December. I'm not really sure I should attempt the live action Netflix version, I've not heard great things.

Death note apple men's T-shirt

It took me a couple of weeks to actually get to watch the new Star Wars film, mainly because in December I have so much work on I just don't get to see the outside world. It would seem that not much was really missed, though it was a greatly entertaining film for me, it did have it's flaws which means I will not be looking to watch it again. Perhaps you disagree, or perhaps you are too distracted by Porgs. Sorry no Porg merch here, but I did make myself a Stop Wars Star Wars style T-shirt.

Stop Wars Star Wars T-shirt

With the new year having rolled in I am eagerly awaiting a trip to Comicon to see all the wonderful goodies a good Comicon has to offer. We're not sure if we will be aiming to cosplay this year, after all last year it was so hot I felt uncomfortable just looking at the other cosplayers. However if you are looking for a simple cosplay or maybe you just like polo's... or maybe you actually are an employee of Hydra who needs a few new pieces of uniform, I've added a Hydra polo to the collection for something a bit different.

Marvel Hydra men's polo

That's all for the January update, a nice set of new additions. And hopefully I'll keep up with the updates this year (no promises) Take care guys and as always drop me a message if you can't find what you are looking for.

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