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Its been some time since I did any real social media posts or any blog posts for that matter (if you know me you'll know how bad I am at these anyway) but all for good reason for once! The site has had an overhaul and its looking nice new and modern thanks to a bit of help from our friend Jon.

30 Rock Music Band T-shirt

Jon in his 30 Rock Music Band T-shirt, as made by Zen-oh-tee *wink wink*

Seriously, thanks Jon. The site is looking purdy.

There are still a few little changes to be made but nothing important really, just a few new photos for buttons and a bit of a change to the blog. But otherwise its all looking great and a little less blogger basic!

As mentioned on the Facebook page, with the new site comes new designs! Or more accurately new style.

Introducing Girly Geek! A small range of items printed up for the girls who are sick of short sleeve round neck T-shirts. Mainly made up of slouch style sweatshirts similar to that of my Studio Ghibli sootball jumper, girly geeks range started out on Etsy but soon met the same fate as my Etsy shop for Zen-oh-tee. Competitors are miserable little bitches.

Studio Ghibli Sootball Jumper Lord of the ring one ring sweatshirt

Zenohtee's Studio Ghibli Sootball Jumper Girly Geeks LOTR One Ring Inscription Jumper

So with the threat of closure on the Girly Geek Etsy store, its time to send the girly geek range out into the world via an independent website and shopping cart. So let us give a warm welcome this feminine geek range, of which I actually have many pieces in my own wardrobe. Including this Spiderman slouch sweatshirt

 Spiderman Slouch jumper

For now 5 items have been added from the Girly Geek range, with more to be added in soon. These include the One ring inscription slouch jumper, the Dr. Who Tardis slouch jumper, the Game of Thrones house Targaryen slouch jumper, the Spiderman logo slouch jumper and the Star Trek Spock Slouch jumper.

Star Trek Spock slouch jumper  House Targaryen slouch jumper

 Dr Who Tardis Jumper

These five have proven to be super popular both over on Girly Geeks Etsy page and Ebay store, so fingers crossed their new home here will prove to be just as popular.

On another note for new items, 3 more designs were also added in for the original styles in the site. These include the Gravity Falls inspired Pterodactyl T-shirt (The T-shirt made by Soos in the episode Land before swine) and two Game of thrones hoodies; A house Stark hoodie and a house Targaryen hoodie.

 Gravity Falls Pterodactyl T-shirt

 House Targaryen hoodie House Stark hoodie

Plenty more designs, blog content and promotions on the way soon from both Zen-oh-tee and Girly Geek, so don't forget to check back.

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