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With Christmas over things have finally started to slow down here at Zen oh tee, I'm sort of in that limbo where I think I have time off but there is actually still a lot of work to be done. Another good year with plenty of sales over the holidays and now I have a lot of receipts to process for my accounts, my least favourite part of self employment.

But I must admit it is very much a love hate relationship at Christmas. I love working but there is added elements of stress at this time of year. I have no issue working long hours and over weekends but friends and family keep asking for time I don't have spare. Yet I still try. I didn't really get time to do Christmas shopping this year so it had to be dinner and delicious treats as gifts for my lot. I tested out a home made fudge recipe which I really enjoyed, along with ginger biscuits and some stollen bites, there was also bacon brittle in the mix but no one really got to sample that. Turns out high temperature candy is dangerous to work with. I have literally scarred James for life after we crossed spatulas.

But for everyone else that was browsing here for their gift ideas, I added in a few extra geek hoodies and gamer t shirts for you boys and girls to choose from that I never got the chance to announce.

Keeping in mind that we managed to catch Fantastic Beasts and where to find them just before Christmas, I thought I would expand the Harry Potter clothing collection slightly by adding in something for the girly geek. I really think there are not enough girls geek vest tops out there, so for the Potter heads that are fed up of the standard short sleeve round neck babydoll style tshirt, here's a little something for you from the Deathly Hallows design.

Deathly hallows racer back women's vest top

Another one in the geek vest top range is for the anime lovers this time. Now I know dragonball is far from the best anime, but it will still always be my favourite. For the girly geeks who like to hit the gym (or maybe just have some anger issues) this Dragonball Z girls vest is a must.

Keep calm or you will never be a Super Saiyan Women's vest top

For our guys who are fans of Gravity Falls and the legend that is Soos the handy man, we have the Mystery Shack staff T shirt. A number of these went out for easy Halloween costumes and I got some great feedback on the colour and quality, so I'm hoping all those who've already bought the Soos Tshirt will be back for some more of my Gravity Falls T shirts, or maybe even a Gravity Falls hoodie now that the cold weather is here.

Gravity falls inspired Soos Mystery Shack staff mens t shirt

Another one for the anime fans, the Fairy Tail guild logo is now available on a tshirt. currently only in two colours but I may look to add more in later, but for now the Fairy Tail guild tshirt is available in red for a Natsu Tshirt and blue for a Gray tshirt (looks weird when you write it but I'm sure it makes sense). For anyone interested in the fairy tail hoodie you can find it here: Fairy Tail guild Hoodie

Fairy Tail guild logo anime mens T shirt

Still one of the most popular anime, Fullmetal Alchemist gets another tshirt added to my anime tshirt collection. This one featuring both Flamels cross and the Transmutation circle. Currently available in red with black print to compliment the Fullmetal Alchemist hoodie, I may look to add in a black version later.

Fullmetal Alchemist cross and transmutation circle mens tshirt

The woman's anime tshirt section has had this one for a while but with how popular the Gengar tshirt has been I thought it was about time to bring it into the men's anime tshirt section. So for anyone who's still on the pokemon go hype train if you love ghost type pokemon you can't go far wrong with the Gengar Mens tshirt.

Pokemon Gengar Mens tshirt

One of my favourite anime films of all time, Princess Mononoke is a film I always go back to and I'm sure I'm not the only one. There are so many Studio Ghibli masterpieces to choose from I still think it's a shame they will no longer be producing films. (although I have seen a facebook post floating around somewhere that says there may be one last Studio Ghibli film in the works) But for the Studio Ghibli fans I've taken the Princess Mononoke Tshirt and added a Princess Mononoke hoodie.

Studio Ghibli inspired Princess Mononoke mask hoodie

That's all for this installment, mostly anime tshirts this time! But I know I'm not complaining, I now have my Crunchy Roll subscription so you can be sure there will be much more anime clothing on the way from me.

If I don't update before New Year then I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday and best of luck for the New Year. 2016 has been interesting to say the least, so I hope 2017 reveals itself to be a much more positive experience for everyone.

Kim x

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