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This recent addition started out as a unique design for a friends birthday. I had so much trouble attaching this print to a bag, my equipment is just not made for holdalls.

The Cthulhu Calls Elder God Removals T-shirt is currently available in Men's T-shirt, Black only for now as I didn't think it would suit any other colours. But you know the drill, it's hand made so if you want it changing, just let me know! But here it is, my Cthulhu T-shirt

Personally I haven't read anything by Lovecraft, but I have stumbled across Cthulhu many times during my travels through the world wide web. Plus one of our favourite table top games at the moment is Arkham Horror, on which we frequently avoid Cthulhu. An anchient one that we never want to awaken, lets just leave him in the box.

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