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With the recent hype over the Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice trailer, it seemed the perfect time to bring back a few designs that have been missing from the range and also to introduce a few that I've been meaning to do for a while.

The I'm not saying I'm Batman T-shirt print has been available for some time in the men's style, so I've brought in the hoodie. Sadly its not really a design that works on girls so I'll have to look into a Batgirl version of this soon. But here it is, the I'm not saying I'm batman hoodie.

The Happy Potter and Batman crossover design has also been brought in for the hoodie and women's T-shirt. you can find them here:

My Patronus is Batman T-shirt
My Patronus is Batman Hoodie

Sticking to the Keep Calm theme that so many people seem to adore, this is one that I was asked for years ago but never actually got around to adding into the Etsy shop, so again with it being the perfect time to bring back the Bat, I'll add it in with this update. Keep Calm I'm Batman T-shirt

Even though I do like Batman, I can honestly say I can't be a genuine fan. I never read the comics, only ever watched the animated series. So I have quite a huge lack of knowledge regarding the Batman back story, timeline, allies, villains, crossovers etc. But in recognition of my love for the animated series I thought I'd add this design that many 90's kids will recognise. Batman the animated series T-shirt

Of course since this is meant to be a Batman vs Superman themed post and product upload, it wouldn't be complete without a Superman T-shirt. Now sadly I'm not a Superman fan, he's never interested me. And so its hard to come up with a design that isn't the typical Superman logo. But with a bit of work and inspiration from the trailer, I thought the Superman False God T-shirt would be a nice addition to my collection that would stand out from the typical Superman S print. I also added in a Superman False God hoodie version.

With bats on the brain I've been holding onto my Joker T-shirt design for a while. And although the Joker plays no part in the Batman vs Superman film (as far as I know) there has been much talk on the new Joker; Jared Leto and the recent image that is making its way around the internet. So again with the love for Batman, I'm bringing back the joker T-shirt. For now though only in the men's T-shirt style

And on that note, the next upload may have a few more super hero themed prints thrown in. But I'll be looking to concentrate on adding in more pre-existing designs in their hoodie/T-shirt/men's/womens styles. As usual if there is something you want but can't see, just ask :)

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