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Joy of joys I managed to get in another monthly update pun! Lame I know. But I'm happy to see we have a wonderful line up of Marvel films to keep me tied into my unlimited cinema membership!

2018 has gotten off to a brilliant start with MCU, Black Panther has been very well received and has broken some box office records. I know I really enjoyed it and once again Black Panther was a comic book hero that was unknown to me, but Marvel studios has brought their character to life in a way that makes me want to go and spend some time with a few graphic novels.

Black Panther Hoodie

The Guardians of the Galaxy are returning to the big screen with Avengers Infinity War, and we are really hyped for it. I know not everyone appreciated the second Guardians of the Galaxy film but it was another one that I didn't mind leaving the house for. But then I enjoy most Marvel films. Maybe the real test is whether or not I fall asleep part way through * cough * Thor Dark World * cough* In anticipation of Star Lord's interactions with Tony Stark, I've put the original Guardians of the Galaxy comic book logo on some clothing.

Guardians of the Galaxy Men's T-shirt, Guardians of the Galaxy Women's T-shirt, and Guardians of the Galaxy Hoodie

Again with the Marvel theme, I've added in missing styles, one being a women's fit T-shirt for the Agents of Shield design. The other being the Hydra design

Womens Agents of Shield T-shirt and Women's Hydra T-shirt

And I've brought the distressed Avengers logo into women's tshirt and adults hoodie

Avengers logo Women's T-shirt and Avengers logo Hoodie

As a few more random and perhaps less relevant updates I've included the Stranger Things logo on a hoodie and women's T-shirt

Stranger Things Women's T-shirt and Stranger Things hoodie

The Stark and Targaryen Game of Thrones house sigils have been added to Women's T-shirts

House Stark Women's T-shirt and House Targaryen Women's T-shirt

I've added in a Majora's mask design for the Legend of Zelda fans. Unlike my usual habits, I've added this into Men's and Women's T-shirt and also the hoodies section.

Majoras Mask Men's T-shirt, Majora's Mask Hoodie and Majora's Mask Women's T-shirt

We've had a little more hype over Kingdom Hearts 3, so I've added in a Heartless design. Again Available in Women's and Men's T-shirts and also hoodies. Watch this space as I may add more Kingdom Hearts items soon.

Heartless Hoodie, Heartless Men's T-shirt and Heartless Women's T-shirt

And lastly, I've updated the Attack on Titan scouts hoodie. Sadly my supplier discontinued the vintage heather green colour that I loved to use for it, so it's been converted to a standard forest green to match the style that the characters wear.

Attack on Titan scouts hoodie

Thanks for checking out another update, hopefully I'll have another lined up in time for the end of April, perhaps I'll even be lucky enough to have some sort of theme again. Who knows! Keep checking back and as always if there is anything you want but can't see, give me a shout.

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