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It's that brilliant time again where I should have written a blog post by now but haven't. (I'm so good at this.) So once again this update has a few new lines thrown in all together for you guys to pick apart as you see fit :)

For some reason when I try and add new products in I try and think of what's trending at the moment. What's up and coming that I should try and cash in on, what films are being released that I should create some designs for? And then I think screw it, I'm not a trend chaser. I tried being ready for trends when Batman vs Superman was due to be released, and look how well that did!

But anyway I am going to sort of make an attempt for you guys, but only with things I like. Because that's what Zen-oh-tee is all about really! If I'm going to make geeky T-shirts and geek hoodies then they have to be relating to things I love. As much as I want to please every fandom I can't physically fit them all into my life, and I can't make something I don't have a passion for. Requests are of course always welcome though :)

So anyway, trying to keep in with 2017 and upcoming releases, March's installment of fandom clothing includes some super hero tshirts and hoodies, some anime clothing and some gamer clothing.

One thing I'm sulking over at the moment is that I don't have the chance to play Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. But having watched too many youtube clips about the game play and having heard only great things about it, I thought I would add in a little something to remind me that I need to get round to actually experiencing it for myself. For the gamer T-shirts section this Zelda T-shirt features the Breath of the Wild Z logo printed in gold onto black.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild T-shirt

Having recently binge watched our way through the Daredevil series on Netflix, I decided to jump on the band wagon and create a Punisher T-shirt. But I decided to make it my own, so this Punisher T-shirt is unique to Zen-oh-tee, the distressed effect is something I love on T-shirt designs so adding it to this Punisher T-shirt for me make it special compared to the many other Punisher T-shirts out there. I just hope you guys see it that way too.!/Marvel-Daredevil-Punisher-inspired-distressed-grunge-mens-T-shirt/p/81381099

The punisher T-shirt

Sticking with the Netflix and Marvel combo, the main reason I was looking into Marvel T-shirts this month is because we very quickly got through the Iron Fist series that was released on netflix. Now I know it didn't have too many great reviews, but I enjoyed it. I've never had any experience of Iron Fist before so perhaps I'm lucky in that there was nothing to cloud my judgement of it. But for my love of Iron Fist and Danny Rand's kung fu goodness, I thought and Iron Fist T-shirt would be a great addition to my collection.

Iron Fist dragon tattoo T-shirt

Sticking with the Marvel theme here, we all know that Guardian's of the Galaxy 2 is on the way very soon, and I love Guardians of the Galaxy. Once again this is a section of the comic book universe that I never got to experience before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I think we can all agree that MCU is doing a pretty great job of bringing superhero's to life so far. (Again, I'm enjoying them at least, I can't be the only one) I wanted to avoid jumping on the I am Groot bandwagon, so for the first film I created the Nova Corps T-shirt. This mini addition is simply the Nova Corps T-shirt, but actually as a Nova Corps hoodie. Nice and simple for those of you who prefer hoodies.

Guardians of the Galaxy Nova Corps hoodie

For the Anime fans out there, hopefully you all know that Ghost in the Shell is getting a live action film. If you don't know about it then you must be living under a rock more than me. Anyway I have to admit I am worried about the Ghost in the Shell film. So far live action adaptations of anime have not had the best reviews, and so far the trailers all look like scenes snapped directly from the pre-existing Ghost in the Shell films and series. But I shall go into the cinema with an open mind, perhaps (doubtedly) I'll enjoy the live action more than the animes. One thing I do know is that I prefer the Stand alone complex series to the films anyway, so in honor of the Stand alone complex I've added in two items. The first Ghost in the shell clothing item I have added is actually a design I've had for a while, the laughing man T-shirt is one of my oldest designs that was available while I was still selling on Etsy. Now I've added a Laughing man hoodie. About time too.

Ghost in the shell stand alone complex laughing man hoodie

And again because I love the Stand alone complex, I've added a Ghost in the Shell T-shirt that I've been wanting to do for some time. This Ghost in the Shell Tshirt is inspired by the spider like tanks known as the Tachikoma, who in the English dubbed version of the stand alone complex are cute as ****

Ghost in the Shell Tachikoma T-shirt

Keeping in with the 2017 cinema releases, I noticed that there's going to be another Transformers movie. I haven't watched any of the Transformers films since the second one, and I've heard terrible things. Maybe the live action Transformers film series should be left to die a peaceful death? In loving memory of the Transformers franchise that once was, I've taken my Transformers original movie T-shirt (The Transformers Bah Weep T-shirt) and added that design into the hoodies section since I didn't currently have any Transformers hoodies.

Transformers original film Bah Weep quote hoodie

One release that I am looking forward to for 2017, is the new Final Fantasy XIV (14) expansion! FF14 has to be my favourite MMO so far, and I really can't wait to really pick it back up again. Inspired by my love for Final Fantasy games, the Final Fantasy 14 hoodie has been added to the gamer hoodies section of the site.

Final Fantasy XIV logo hoodie

Not part of the 2017 upcoming releases list, I have also added a Steins;gate hoodie. I loved this series and I must admit I am sad to see it's disappeared from Netflix's already limited anime collection. But hey ho, for the Steinsgate fans out there please do check out my Steinsgate hoodie inspired by future gadget laboratory and their members pin.

Steinsgate hoodie

Anyway that's probably going to be as good as it gets from me in terms of keeping up with new and upcoming releases, but again if you guys ever have any requests I do take custom orders so just give me a shout. :)

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