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Hey guys and girls, time for another upload. The next addition the range is more of a revamped version of the Kodama T-shirt I had originally uploaded to Etsy.

The original Kodama t-shirt design taken from Studio Ghibli's film - Princess Mononoke - had three of the little tree spirits which was printed on the chest area of men's and women's T-shirts. The little guys I actually took from screen shots of the film itself to try and keep them as close to the original idea as possible, but what I wanted to include was one of them smiling. Just like the one that prince Ashitaka asks "Hey little fellow, are you showing us the way or just getting us more lost?"

So the new additions for this upload are for the updated version of the design which includes that little odd smiler. Available in T-shirts and hoodies in men's, women's and kids styles.

I have considered perhaps adding the little Kodama tree spirits to the same style jumper as the popular sootball slouch jumper (but in black) for any of the girls out there who like the off the shoulder style. If there is enough demand then I'll more than happily add this one in for everyone :)

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