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Time has seriously gotten away from me these past two months, I honestly didn't realise I was so behind on blog posts, but apparently I am! So I'm going to stretch this post into a June and July update and pile a load more style variations for designs on, just to make up for lost time. To be honest I'm not even sorry, I've loved the summer so far and I've been so busy being social that I've only been able to concentrate on getting orders out the door and the new stuff has just been neglected. But don't worry I'll soon fix that, I need to chill out a bit and with the rain now here I'll be at home a little bit more over the next few weeks sorting this stuff out.

These past two months have seen great releases in the cinema for comic book geeks, both Wonder Woman and Spiderman Home Coming did not disappoint. I already had a new wonder woman logo T-shirt for the girls in the range that came from back when Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice came out, but I've pulled that design through to the women's slouch style jumpers since it used to be quite popular in the Girly Geek range.

Wonder woman girly slouch sweatshirt

Personally I'm getting more and more hyped for more and more Star Wars as the year goes on, and to be honest I'm quite sad that I don't have the time to enjoy Star Wars The Old Republic at the moment with a few friends that have picked it back up again. For the part of me that loved SWOTR and the ability to make your light and darkside choices, I've added in the Sith and Jedi code T-shirts for men and women.

Jedi Code Men's T-shirt & Jedi Code Women's T-shirt

Sith Code Women's Tshirt & Sith Code Men's T-shirt

Keeping with the women's additions, I decided to follow up on the Gravity Falls Pterodactyl T-shirt for women by adding in the Bill Cipher Women's T-shirt too. I absolutely loved Gravity falls and as much as I would love to see another series, I have to admire the shows creator for acknowledging that a show should not be milked to death. I love this Gravity falls T-shirt and I'm hoping to make this design the first of my giveways, which I really need to start soon.

Gravity Falls Bill Cipher Women's T-shirt

Just jumping back a little to talk of MMO's, one thing I forgot to cover was World of Warcraft. At the beginning of the year we signed up for Vanilla WOW on the Elysium project servers. This was my first time experiencing Vanilla World of Warcraft, and I have to say I did really enjoy it and I do intend to go back to it in the winter months. It reminded me a lot of my very first MMO (which was Heroes of Three Kingdoms if anyone is interested, probably not) and having that basic level of MMO with such a challenging difficulty really brought back the good old days for me. The weirdest part was playing a class I have never ever gone for in a game before, I'm so used to playing healer. Anyway our characters for Vanilla were with the Alliance, and personally I prefer Horde from when I used to play the RTS versions of Warcraft. But hey ho, why not go for both Alliance and Horde? Warcraft Alliance and Horde hoodies have been added to the site.

World of Warcraft Alliance Hoodie & World of Warcraft Horde Hoodie

There has been a strange abundance of Disney songs in my life lately. My weirdest moment being what felt like a gender swap not too long ago. I was sat playing games on my pc, and suddenly from upstairs I could hear the guys singing Disney songs with wine glasses in hand. I think the last time one of my girl friends drunkenly sang Disney at me at 3 am was probably the moment I abandoned that friendship. Seriously though I am a Disney fan, I'm just not as big a Disney fan as the next person it seems. This girly geek slouch sweatshirt is for the Disnerds out there who love a bit of singalong. Talk Disney to me slouch sweatshirt now available in the women's section.

Talk Disney to me Women's Slouch Sweatshirt

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is here! No spoilers please, seriously. To celebrate the return of Game of Thrones I thought I would add in a hoodie for the Lannister's. The Stark and Targaryen designs seem to be doing pretty well but of course everyone loves Tyrion and his wit. Plus the fact that quite a few of us could relate when the line "that's what I do, I drink and I know things" came up. So for those winter pub quizzes what better hoodie than a Game of Thrones Lannister hoodie?

Game of Thrones That's what I do I drink and I know things hoodie

Also on the list of eagerly awaited series this year, we are merely days away from Rick and Morty season 3 people! To celebrate the return of one of our favourite adult cartoons I've thrown a Mr Meeseeks hoodie into the collection.

Rick and Morty Mr Meeseeks Hoodie

That's it for this installment but I'll have another update soon to bulk out the site a little with style variations on some existing designs. As always if there is a design you like but not in the fit you want, just say so! I'll get it uploaded and made for you ;)

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