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Its been a while since I added in a new item to the range that is genuinely brand new for me, so today as a special treat for me (as a break from the admin side of doing accounts and standardising product listings) I've brought in another Anime/Manga based design inspired by one of my recent anime binges. This time a Sword Art Online T-shirt

For anyone who is familiar with or a fan of Sword Art Online, you may know of the icon or status known as "Immortal Object" that was first introduced with Yui. Best way to cheat an MMO? set your character to Immortal Object status. Easily done with my Immortal Object T-shirt

I wanted to do more with Sword Art Online as a theme. Although its not my favourite anime, it does have a certain appeal since I am a regular MMO player myself. I've thought about printing the fairy wings introduced in Alfheim onto the back of some hoodies, but I'm not really sure how popular it would be, personally I preferred the SAO world to the Alfheim one, but I'm still yet to see series 2. If you think the wings are a good idea let me know, and I'll get straight on it :)

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