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Another busy busy month here at zen-oh-tee means that once again I've not managed to do as much as I would have liked. I had the best intentions but being pulled in all directions means I only really manage to do little bits of everything, and while it may be a lot when you add all those little things together I don't really have the satisfactory feeling that comes with achieving something.


well one achievement this month is our laser tag team achieving the highest possible score in our first competition. I'm pretty damn proud of myself for being a part of that. For anyone following my instagram you may have seen I got my personal best high score in those games. WOOT! You also may have noticed I made our team t-shirts ;)

Anyway enough of the general life blah blah chat. This month I wanted to try and add in more of my favourite slouch style sweatshirts that are perfect for the girly geek like me. I love my slouchy baggy clothing so these off the shoulder geeky sweatshirts have been dominating my instagram lately.

Fullmetal Alchemist being one of my favourite anime has to have a girly geek slouch style sweatshirt. Taking Flamel's cross from the back of Ed's jacket again I've added a red sweatshirt with black print and a black sweatshirt with white outline print. Pretty much matching the Fullmetal Alchemist hoodie that I already have on the site. If you would like the Fullmetal Alchemist hoodie you can find the men's Fullmetal Alchemist hoodie here. Otherwise click the image for the Fullmetal Alchemist slouch women's sweatshirt.

Fullmetal Alchemist Women's Slouch sweatshirt

I think we were all eagerly awaiting the return of Sherlock this year, and I must admit I'm not really sure how I felt about three 2017 episodes. I mean they were interesting, I enjoyed them. But I found them a bit odd. BBC's Sherlock this year to me felt a bit... Doctor who ish? Maybe it's just me. And the last episode felt like a bit of an anticlimax. Plus I'm still confused about that damn well. Regardless though I do still love Mr Cumberbatch as Sherlock. And for my fellow girly geeks who are also Sherlocked, I've printed the famous "I'm not a psychopath" quote onto one of the girly geek slouch sweatshirts.

I'm not a Psychopath Sherlock women's slouch sweatshirt

Supernatural I must admit is one I haven't really watched yet. I know I know, shame on me. But I know among friends it is super popular. I created the Supernatural logo to a slouch sweatshirt some time ago but I thought I'd actually bring it in to the collection now. Available in three colour options for the moment, I'm pretty sure I'll be making a supernatural slouch sweatshirt for myself once I start the series next week. But again for my fellow girly geeks the supernatural women's sweatshirt is now purchasable on the site.

Supernatural Logo women's slouch sweatshirt

Still in love with the the Harry Potter series (especially after watching Fantastic Beasts) I thought I would add in the distressed Deathly Hallows slouch sweatshirt design for the girly geek range. The Potter fans slouch sweatshirt is also available in three colour options.

Deathly Hallows women's slouch sweatshirt

Having been introduced to the wonderful World of Warcraft recently (Vanilla servers courtesy of the Elysium Project and Nostalrius) I think I finally understand the love of WOW that every one had back when it was first released. It still won't ever take the place of my favorite mmo, but I can still appreciate why so many of you poured hours and hours into that game. For the girls on World of Warcraft I've uploaded an Alliance slouch sweatshirt and a Horde slouch sweatshirt.

World of Warcraft Alliance women's slouch sweatshirt & World of Warcraft Horde women's slouch sweatshirt

The Spiderman logo slouch sweatshirt that was already on the site has had two extra colour choices added in. So our Spiderman fans can choose from Blue with red print, red with black print or black with white print on their Spiderman girly geek jumper.

Spiderman women's slouch sweatshirt

For the game of thrones fans I've added an extra colour options to the Targaryen sweatshirt, so you can now have red house sigil on black as the house company as it should be, or the black on red that I originally added. And for the House Stark fans I added the Stark direwolf slouch sweatshirt in two colours too. Really can't wait for the next series :)

House Targaryen women's slouch sweatshirt and House Stark women's slouch sweatshirt

So this update for the end of February is all girly geek slouch sweatshirts! Which makes me very happy, I love these things. But I suppose I should throw a few more geeky t shirts into my wardrobe and collection now that the cold weather is retreating. Hope you all have a great shrove Tuesday guys and check back soon for more zen-oh-tee hand printed geeky tshirt and hoodie goodness.

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