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So this month I actually have a bit of a theme to the new uploads to the site. Forgive the blog title, it just felt a bit more fun than "February update"

If you haven't guessed or you don't know what Fullmetal Alchemist is, the title is referring to this month's update being Fullmetal Alchemist items. Woo!

I had recently made an attempt to watch the recent live action film on Netflix but sadly I couldn't get passed the opening with Ed fighting the priest. What I did do however was switch directly back to the anime series, a series that I like many others love.

With the live action film coming to Netflix, there was an increase in orders for the Fullmetal Alchemist hoodie I have here on site. And it made me realise that I have been a bit neglectful in that although I do have a women's fit version listed on my ebay, I had not added it here on the website. Tut tut.

With that I decided to add some more designs to the collection that I had been sat on for a while, and rather than neglecting certain variations I have instead listed a mens and womens T-shirt as well as a hoodie style for each. I may also look to get some kids sizes listed for each once I have some suitable photos.

So to start off, matching the men's Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric hoodie , we have the women's version.

Women's Fullmetal Alchemist hoodie

Showing some love for Al, I've added a design featuring a side profile of the suit of armor that Al's soul is bound to.

And also a Chibi design that fans will recognise from the anime and manga.

The alchemical symbol that Ed used to bind Al's soul

Roy Mustang's Flame Alchemist transmutation circle (seen on his gloves)

The State Alchemists crest, you should recognise from the pocket watches given to State Alchemists.

The basic outline of the Human Transmutation Circle

The Ouroboros found on each of the Homunculi named after the seven deadly sins

And lastly the human transmutation circle and flamels cross.

Plenty added in for anime lovers this month, or at least those who like Fullmetal Alchemist anyway! Hopefully someone out there enjoyed the live action film, personally I couldn't get on board with that blonde wig. :/ But as always if there is anything I've missed or that you would like to see just give me a shout. :)

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