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Another anime that I've recently become a bit hooked on is none other than Fairy Tail.

Although I was not convinced when I began watching it, I have to admit I've been converted before even having finished the first season. This is the anime that I should have had as a kid! It seems like a sort of cross between Full Metal Alchemist and the Pokemon/Digimon styles of anime. Its a little repetitive and recycles a lot of footage and catchphrases, but so far its got a sort of charm and of course the adult humour that makes it unique and lovable.

Anyway, while I have been gorging myself on episodes as the days go by I thought I should put together a Fairy Tail hoodie that I had in mind for it.

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This Fairy Tail hoodie featuring the guild logo has contrasting draw cords and inner hood lining to match the guild logo itself. And not only that, this one is unique too, the Fairy Tail logo is soft, made of a flock material (similar to the print used on my Sootball jumper and Totoro hoodie) so its even more special compared to any other Fairy Tail hoodie I've seen.

Anyway I've kept to a small amount of colours for now that are inspired by Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Grey and Erza, but there are more options available. As you may or may not know by now, each of my items is hand made and made to order, so if you want a different colour, just ask :)

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