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Right now I'm holding back a little, the FFXIV expansion Heavensward has been available to play for a good few hours and I'm waiting until my other half gets home so I can play it with him for the first time. Really can't wait to get on it and set out on a quest to get a flying mount. How awesome will that be?!

Anyway I thought in honor of this weekend being the early access to Heavensward, I would bring back my Cactuar T-shirt. It's been sitting in my collection and every time I go to the Manderville Golden Saucer to pick up my daily mini Cactpot scratch card, its been on my mind. I needed to bring this one back.

So here it is, the original Cactuar T-shirt, or as you might prefer it now, Sabotender. I always love spotting this little monster in Final fantasy games. 10,000 needles can really pack a punch if you are not careful.

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