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Gotta love Benny the Spaceship guy! The LEGO Movie introduced the blue classic spaceman as a retro figure, including broken helmet and scuffed logo on his torso. But Benny's space shuttle logo has become quite an icon for 90's kids who remember having the Space Dart set. And for you 90's kids I present, the LEGO spaceship guy hoodie.

The LEGO movie's Spaceship guy logo can now be found on one of my blue hoodies for all those LEGO fans out there. SPACESHIP!! Its now the second LEGO hoodie in my range, though considering how big LEGO is and how long its been around (even I remember having the aquanaughts LEGO set and my brother having the moon base) I'm not sure how many more LEGO hoodies I will add in. I mean I even had the LEGO Star Wars game that glitched and glitched, but we still loved to play it. I think we even have a few lego pieces laying around the flat. Weird how it gets everywhere, I guess that's where missing LEGO pieces go.

Anyway, the LEGO movie hoodie is now a part of the Zen-oh-tee geeky hoodies range. :)

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