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To make up for such a gap in updates I'm throwing in a bunch of style variations into the mix. What I mean by style variations, is that throughout the site I have been a bit inconsistent. So you may see a style in the men's section and think "hey I'd like that on a women's tee!" but alas, it's not available in women's yet. It is something I've been meaning to tackle for a while but of course time constraints and lack of photography materials has meant that it's not always possible, but hopefully this post shall be the first of many making up for that.

To start off I'm throwing myself right into tackling my own sexist attitude, for some reason I automatically assumed that Wonder Woman was for the girls, and so I had my Wonder Woman ladies T-shirt and Wonder Woman girly slouch sweatshirt, but didn't even consider that our guys should in this day and age, be comfortable supporting a female superhero. So I've slapped the new Wonder Woman logo onto a men's fit T-shirt. Tada!

Wonder Woman men's T-shirt

Since I'm a Spiderman fan, I've added a Spiderman logo women's tshirt. A personal favourite of mine though I already have my Spiderman slouch sweatshirt in my wardrobe, so not sure if I'll treat myself to this one just yet.

Spiderman women's T-shirt

Keeping with the comic book theme, The Hydra hoodie is now available. I'll be sure to get a women's T-shirt version up in here soon.

Hydra logo Hoodie

With all this talk of the new Doctor being female, I've added a Tardis Men's T-shirt and also A Doctor Who Bad Wolf hoodie, because the 10th doctor will always be my Doctor, I loved the David Tennant Episodes.

Doctor Who Men's Tardis Tshirt and Doctor Who bad wolf hoodie

Still counting down the days until season 3 of Rick and Morty I'm adding in a Rick and Morty women's T-shirt. The men's Rick and Morty T-shirt has been quite popular so it's only fair i get to add one to my own wardrobe.

Rick and Morty women's T-shirt

I don't think I'll ever loose my love for Studio Ghibli films, they are the only DVD's I have not parted with since we have moved into the age of digital downloads and streaming. And I'm hoping many of you out there are the same, Hayao Miyazaki has brought some wonderful fantasy works into our lived and they deserve to be kept. I'm not sure how popular Jiji is for the guys, but just in case I've added a Kiki's delivery Service Jiji Men's T-shirt to the collection.

Jiji - Kiki's delivery service Men's T-shirt

Keeping in with the Anime and Manga side of the range, the Elfen Lied women's vest top and Elfen Lied hoodie have been available for some time, but I've neglected to add an Elfen Lied Men's T-shirt. So that's now been fixed. Elfen Lied men's T-shirt now available in the anime and manga T-shirt section

Elfen Lied Men's T-shirt

Another anime I had a lot of love for was Steins;Gate, a serious must watch in my opinion.

And on the back of that I love wearing my Steinsgate womens slouch sweatshirt. I've pretty much worn it to death. For those who would prefer a hoodie, I did exactly that. Steinsgate Hoodie has been added into the collection for the anime and manga hoodies.

Steins;gate hoodie

And on a final note I thought I would add in a new design to round off this burst of additions to the site. I'm a giant Weeaboo at heart really, and I thought for my fellow Otaku's and Weebs I'd add a little something for a giggle about the Japanese culture. Senpai in the streets Hentai in the sheets hoodie is now up for sale in the anime hoodies section, though I must admit I don't wear this one when parents come to visit, it's better I don't have to explain it..... or maybe I would prefer that it needed explaining.

Senpai in the streets Hentai in the sheets hoodie

So there we have it, a short burst of current designs thrown about into sections of the site that they had not yet graced. I'll start work on new stuff for August asap as once again summer is keeping me super busy, but as always if there is a design you want or a style or colour you don't see, let me know and I'll get right on it. ;)

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