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Honestly, I never knew Deadpool existed until the internet happened. Growing up I was more into Spiderman and Batman, and I knew about others such as The Hulk and Captain America, but Deadpool was not known to me at all.

But it does seem he is very well loved by the internet. There have been many times I've stumbled across Deadpool artwork and comic strips as I've scrolled through 9gag or imgur. And from what I've seen I do think he is awesome, really can't wait for the film to come out. (Please don't screw up this super hero movie)

Anyway I thought I would contribute to the Deadpool fandom by adding in a Deadpool hoodie to the range. Specially for all those fans out there who have taken the time to introduce me to this amazing character.

This Deadpool hoodie can be found in the film and tv hoodies section of the site. I know I'll be wearing mine for the release of the film on Valentines weekend!

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