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A brief update to items for April, but mostly we wanted to talk about Covid-19 and mention that we are still open for orders online.

  • We operate in a clean working environment to keep the garments clean during the print process. As a result, our production team already take care to clean their machines and workspace several times throughout their shifts. These cleaning routines will continue as usual.
  • In addition, we are implementing extra hand washing routines throughout the day to increase the cleanliness of the facility.
  • Our production facility is non-public facing so only receives deliveries and collections.

Our production

  • Due to the size of the operation, our facilities have always been set up to allow a minimum of 2m between each member of staff throughout the entire working day.
  • Due to the messy nature of the inks we always have protective gloves freely available for staff throughout the facility.
  • As part of the curing process, all garments pass through an oven for 7 - 10 mins at 160’C before they are packed. This ensures the inks are wash safe but also has the added advantage of sterilising the garments of any potential contamination before being sent to you.

Though we are looking to ship orders on time as normal, there may be delays in the postal service depending on your location. Please keep this in mind when ordering as items cannot be cancelled or returned if they are delayed in the post

But anyway all that aside, let's have a look at all the new items that have been added to the website this month

Doctor Who Bad wolf mens Tshirt

Ah element of Surprise hoodie

Gravity Falls Bill Cipher Zodiac mens Tshirt

Marvel Black Panther Logo mens Tshirt

Marvel Black Panther Logo womens Tshirt

Bleach Anime & Manga logo Hoodie

Bleach Anime & Manga logo womens Tshirt

Adventure Time BMO kids hoodie

Mighty Boosh Face logo hoodie

Mighty Boosh Face logo Mens Tshirt

Mighty Boosh Face logo Womens Tshirt

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild logo hoodie

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild logo womens Tshirt

That's it for April's additions, we'll hopefully get many more designs up soon and until then take care and stay safe!

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