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Unfortunately, there was no way I was going to make it to Comic Con, One day I will go. I will live the dream of going to the San Diego comicon and spend all of my money buying stuff to fill my new house up. So I've been keeping up to date with all the stuff from the weekend via constant geek news website hoppings and a few youtube channels. There's so much cool stuff that I'm already wanting to design new geek T-Shirts for! I'm only going to talk about a few of my favourite bits for it (its all trailers anyway), cos there's so much stuff there that I just couldn't write about it all.

So big one for me is the Final Fantasy Kings Glaive. I'm annoyed that its only getting a North America theatrical release, so my American friends will see it before I do, but the news now that its going to be releasing for the download places on August 30th should be good. I've been a constant FF14 player and still do regular runs with my FC on Cerberus, but its an MMO, and I used to love the big huge single player story lines of 8, 9 and 10 so I really cant wait for FF15, I never got a long with 13... I liked the characters, but I suffered with the combat and the story never really gripped me as much as I thought it would. Could be that I end up just sketching designs whilst my boyfriend plays it so I can watch the story. That's been happening just recently as he's played through the entire Uncharted series again (I swear he likes Nathan Drake more than me). But anyway I thought this might give me an opportunity to highlight a few final fantasy T shirts I have.

The Sherlock trailer looks great, really cant wait for the next series, and Moriarty is just an amazing bad guy. Interested to see how he survived shooting himself in the head, not a lot of people come back from that! I know I'll be digging out my SHER locked Tshirt

Justice League trailer!!! Ok, so I wasn't impressed with Batman V Superman. This isn't a review blog, so I wont go into too much detail, but I basically didn't like any of the bad guys or that whole thing with both their mums being named Martha. "Oh your mums names Martha? Well this changes everything. We're best friends now".

The new trailer though! It looks great! To be honest it really needed to be. It looks a lot lighter than BVS, almost like they've taken a few pointers from The Avengers.... maybe a few too many... I'd still like them to try stick to that traditional comic style that Marvel and DC are known for - With Marvel generally covering the lighter more colourful superhero world and DC covering the dark, nasty, psychologically disturbed sides. Not that they don't both do the other very well. When Frank Miller did the Daredevil series that went seriously dark and definitely my favourite Daredevil comic arc. Either way I'm looking forward to expanding my super hero clothing range

American Gods also got a trailer! I'm glad its happening. If they ruin this book I will not be happy at all. If you haven' read that book I would recommend going out and reading it straight away, it really is an amazing book. Neil Gaiman is an amazing author and wrote Stardust and Neverwhere, another amazing few books. He also wrote Good Omens with the Late Terry Pratchett (who I also love).

I might just update this again if it turns out there is something else I missed that happened, but at the moment, those are the things I am really looking forward to.

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