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Yes it's time to dust off the update blog since it's been a little cold and dead here since before we were even thinking of Halloween. Apologies, its been busy here so there hasn't been much going on for the social media side of things, hopefully that will all change soon though!

Anyway I thought I'd throw in a small update before I get around to putting up the Christmas post dates for this year, so here's a few items that slipped in without any announcement in the past several months! I figured I'd put these in here first since they are nice easy costume and cosplay ideas.

DBZ Piccolo Demon King hoodie

DBZ Piccolo Demon King T-shirt

Marvel Venom Men's T-shirt

Marvel Venom Hoodie

Marvel Venom Women's T-shirt

Attack on Titan Bloodied Survey Corps hoodie

Steven Universe Lion Character Hoodie

Steven Universe Star men's T-shirt

Food Wars Yukihira Diner Hoodie

Dodgeball Globo Gym Purple Cobras hoodie

Dodgeball Globo Gym Purple Cobras men's T

Dodgeball Average Joe's gymnasium hoodie

Dodgeball Average Joe's gymnasium Men's T-shirt

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