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I've had a lot of love for the two Avengers films so far. Now to be honest as a child I was never really a fan of the characters individually. I'd never even heard of Black widow or Hawkeye. But I can confirm that Marvel and Disney have kindled my interest in all of the Avengers heroes, whom I'd previously had no interest in at all.

With that said I've been wanting to do an Avengers T-shirt for a while, and with Ultron starting out so messy and scratched when he first came into being I thought that once again I'd go for the distressed look. Since our heroes always end up so roughed up at the end of their epic battles. So today's addition is an Avengers Age of Ultron T-shirt

For now available in men's short sleeve tshirt in 4 colours and can be found in the men's film and tv t-shirts section.

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