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As promised it is finally here. I made my 100th store item my Attack on Titan hoodie that I had been working and waiting on for weeks now. I must say I'm quite pleased with the results, Having switched from a plain old green colour to a vintage green hoodie, I think its turned out pretty well. This one was going to go straight on sale but my other half pinched it the moment he saw it.

The design itself is a little tricky with my printing method as usually I have to do one colour at a time, unless I restrict the design to a4 size which I really didn't want to with this one. It means lining up everything and hoping it all still fits together after the material gets pulled and stretched. But I'm used to this sort of thing by now so luckily it was no problem :)

With the difficulty in mind I was playing around with some of the ideas I'd had for the print, I wanted to try and do the logo with a sort of bloodied up effect to make it a bit more interesting than some of the other t-shirt out there. And success, another Attack on Titan T-shirt addition to the range that I'm super happy with.

For something a bit more basic I also added in an Attack on Titan T-shirt with the scouting legion emblem printed as an outline on the front.

Really can't wait to see the next series, and the live action film I'm hoping will be amazing. If you haven't watched the latest trailer you can see it here.

With AOT being such a popular anime and manga series, this is going to have to be done well. But it seems that already there are a lot of changes from the original manga. Either way, still can't wait.

I understand I've concentrated solely on the survey corps logo, mainly because it is the military division that the series is centered around, but if anyone wants to see the Garrison or Military Police logos done in similar styles then just say so!

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