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Well its the end of January finally, and this update is another anime heavy one. In fact it's all anime related. Mainly because I had a bit of an anime binge over the holidays and this quiet cold start to the year, so the anime hoodies and anime T-shirts sections have had a lot of love this time round.

To be honest though it is pretty normal for me, I try and have something on in the back ground while I work so that the isolation doesn't ware me down. And anime on Netflix is sort of the go to thing at the moment. The result has been a building need to create anime related items for myself, and of course I have once again indulged and satisfied that need.

To start off I have two designs for Psycho Pass. A popular anime for those who like their psychology and crime drama's. It was certainly an interesting concept, and I did love the animation for the dominator weapon when switching to lethal eliminator. But it didn't quite make my favourite list. Either way I've added a Psycho pass hoodie and T-shirt featuring the logo for the criminal investigation department.

And also because I love the dominator, there's a Psycho pass dominator T-shirt and hoodie.

Another popular anime that I pulled from Netflix's selection is Gurren Lagann. Again one I didn't appreciate much, but then I always used to roll my eyes at the mecha orientated Anime's. This one however I actually watched some time earlier last year, but then gave it a second shot over the holidays. I must say I appreciated it a lot more the second time round. For the fans of Simone and Kamina, the Gurren Lagann T-shirt and hoodies are the Team Dai Gurren logo. I put this one on in four colour options, since the Skull logo for Gurren Lagann is seen on blue for Simone and red for Kamina in the Gurren Lagann anime, plus I added in black and charcoal.

Heading over to the somewhat gothic side, I also watched two series of Black Butler. Now I enjoyed the first series (well, maybe not so much the awful British accent on Mey-Rin.) and I found the last episodes of series one to be quite interesting, something I gave my full attention rather than just watching on the side of my work. So for Black butler I added the two versions of the seal for Ciel and Sebastian's contract. First is Ciel's seal from his eye, printed onto either T-shirt or hoodie

And second is the detailed version of the Black Butler seal, again T-shirt or hoodie, but also available in either white or purple print.

Code Geass is one I will have to watch again. I didn't pay too much attention to the "I had a plan for your plan" theme that was going on throughout the series, but I know I had a head turning moment with Lelouch's power that means I may sit down and give it some serious attention with my other half. And for that, I put Lelouch's Geass eye symbol onto a hoodie and T-shirt.

An anime that I avoided for years is one that I came to love very quickly. Cowboy Bebop. I remember it being mentioned many many times since I first got into anime all those years ago and to be honest I'm now kicking myself for having avoided it for so long. Cowboy bebop is a prime example of why I should give every anime a try. For now I have the Cowboy Bebop logo hoodie and T-shirt. I shall hopefully add in some more designs for Bebop later.

Now then for some real love, I give you a Steins Gate slouch sweatshirt. I loved this series so much. As soon as I finished I pushed James to watch it, it meant I got to watch it a second time and take in the first few episodes a bit more. I absolutely loved it. And to show my appreciation for it I recreated one of the episodes title designs to sit behind the Steins Gate logo. I'll add this to a T-shirt and hoodie in the future but for now it's only available in the girls slouch sweatshirt section.

To finish off this update, I finally added in a Kingdom Hearts hoodie that I sampled aaaaaages ago. The photo for the metallic Kingdom hearts logo went up on the facebook page back in November. I have to say it's not easy to show the metallic effect with my amateur photography. With Kingdom Hearts 3 on the way we've decided to try and play through the whole series, so I thought it was about time I added the Kingdom Hearts T-shirt and Hoodie to the site.

Quite a lot added this time round! And plenty more still to do of course. As always if there any requests or you can't see what you are looking for, I'd love to hear from you. Happy January everyone!

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