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So lets get the boring bit out the way, GDPR emails have been clogging your inbox. Why haven't you received a GDPR email from Zen-oh-tee? Because I don't do that sort of marketing crap. I hate it.

Any data you do give me when you place an order, is used purely for your order. The only time I will contact you is regarding your order, it may be to let you know that the order has been posted, and it may be to try and update you if there is an issue. And that's it, you'll never hear from me again unless you place another order.

There is only me here handling marketing and I can't be bothered with mailers like that, I do all my marketing through Facebook, Ebay and Google, so I have no need of your details for clogging your inbox.

If you want your data deleted that is no problem, just get in touch and I can have it removed from the ECWID database that is attached to my shopping platform for the site :)

By using the Zen-oh-tee website, and placing an order and submitting your details, you are agreeing to the use of those details for order purposes only. Good stuff eh? Makes sense to me.

Onto the less boring (but maybe still just as boring for some) bit!

Koro Sensai is the star of Assassination Classroom, a popular anime which spanned two series. Yes there was the manga first of course and there has also been a live action film. But I've only got my hands on the anime so far, and as odd as it was it was still a fun anime to watch. With English dubbing it was weird to occasionally hear hints of Krillin in Koro Sensai's voice. For fans of Assassination Classroom you can now have Koro Sensai's smiling face printed onto a hoodie or T-shirt.

Assassination Classroom Koro Sendai hoodieAssassination Classroom Koro Sendai Men's T-shirtAssassination Classroom Koro Sendai Women's T-shirt

Another for fans of the Catherine video game, this T-shirt only design is based on the T-shirt that Catherine wears one morning when Vincent awakes from one of his sheep filled puzzle nightmares.

Catherine the video game Empty Men's T-shirt

Hunter X Hunter is an anime that I fell in love with instantly, but thanks to Netflix taking it down I haven't been able to continue watching it so far. Still though I loved it enough to slap the Hunters association logo onto hoodies and T-shirts

Hunter X Hunter Hunters Association HoodieHunter X Hunter Hunters Association Men's T-shirtHunter X Hunter Hunters Association Women's T-shirt

Also the Phantom Troupe twelve legged spider is available for Hunter X Hunter fans.

Phantom Troupe Twelve legged Spider hoodiePhantom Troupe Twelve legged Spider Men's T-shirtPhantom Troupe Twelve legged Spider Women's T-shirt

Having reinstalled Pokemon Go on my phone I thought Pokemon could use some love. To keep the Gengar T-shirt company I've added in another ghost type pokemon. Mimikyu!

Pokemon Mimikyu HoodiePokemon Mimikyu Men's T-shirtPokemon Mimikyu Women's T-shirt

There are many Anime's that I need to finish watching and Soul Eater is right up there too. Now I know Soul Eater has quite a fan base so feast your eyes on the wonderful range of Soul Eater designs including silhouettes of the Weapon Meisters, Lord Death himself, the Soul Eater logo and the unique Soul Eater moon.

Soul Eater Weapon Meisters HoodieSoul Eater Weapon Meisters Men's T-shirtSoul Eater Weapon Meisters Women's T-shirt

Soul Eater Lord Death HoodieSoul Eater Lord Death Men's T-shirtSoul Eater Lord Death Women's T-shirt

Soul Eater Logo HoodieSoul Eater Logo Men's T-shirtSoul Eater Logo Women's T-shirt

Soul Eater Face Logo HoodieSoul Eater Face Logo Men's T-shirtSoul Eater Face Logo Women's T-shirt

Soul Eater Moon Men's HoodieSoul Eater Moon Men's T-shirtSoul Eater Moon Women's T-shirt

Lots of anime additions this month for my fellow Otaku's! But next month's update will be more generic text based designs to fill up the sparsely populated "Other/Random" category's on the site. I've been neglecting them lately so it's time I introduced a few more. Also I'll have more designs from Baron Fizgig and the Girly Geek range to add in, so as always keep checking back.

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